Government M. H. College of Home Science & Science for Women, Autonomous, Jabalpur, M. P.
NAAC Reaccredited 2019 : B+ grade 

Department Of Clothing & Textile

Brief History of the department

  • Establishment:

    The Department of Clothing & Textile was established in 1982.

  • Introduction

  • The department of clothing & textile studies various trends in fashion and makes them into the subject of study. Anyone with an open mind, adaptability, thinking ability and creativity is invited to take on the challenge of this field of the study.

  • Students learn about huminities and social science which will provide under standing in clothing psychology, clothing culture history, fashion marketing, fashion design, fashion illustration. It also studies specilized knowledge with theories and practice of clothing.

  • Progress of the department.:

  • This is a full-fledged Department having both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The post graduate level, diploma course in Fashion Designing was started in 1999 which has added emphasis to job orientation in Clothing and Textile. Ever since then department is flourishing and students with excellent career spreading fame and splash of color to our college portrait.

  • Names of previous heads:

    1. Prof. Aruna Dave
    2. Prof. Santosh Bataliya
    3. Prof. Kusum Verma
    4. Dr. Bhavana Sharma - (At present)

Conventional Courses:-

  • B.Sc. (Home Science) with U.G.C. Curriculum

  • M.Sc. (Clothing & Textile) with U.G.C. Curriculum   view

Vocational Courses:-

  • P.G. Diploma in Fashion Designing   view

Certificate Courses:-

  • 3 months certificate course in Ladies Garment

  • 2 months certificate course in Painting & Printing Technology

  • 2 months certificate course in Machine Embroidery

  • 1 month certificate course in Metal Embroidery

  • 2 month certificate course in Infant's clothing

  • Infrastructure


    • Tailoring Lab: equipped with modern tools & sewing machines.
    • Textile Printing Lab: 8 Printing Tables.
    • Textile Chemistry Lab: Different Textile Testing equipments to analyze the fiber, yarn & fabric properties.
    • Weaving Lab: Four tables loom & Hand Loom with Dobby attachment for preparation of different weaving samples.
    • Dyeing Lab: Dyeing bath, bowl etc.
    • Computer Lab: Well equipped with 12 computers which have different related softwares.

    Tailoring Lab

    Weaving Lab

    Computer Lab

    Textile Chemistry Lab


    Textile Testing Equipments Lab

    P.G. Diploma in Fashion Designing Room

  • Library:

    S. No. Particulars Quantity
    1 No. of Books 1038
    2 Indian Textile Journal 247
    3 Indian Journal of Fiber & Textile Research 7
    4 Textile Research Journal 4
    5 Femina 56
    6 Women’s Era 56
    7 Marg Magazine (Half Yearly) 103
    8 Dyers & Printers 166
    9 Fashion Beyond ( half yearly) 7
    10 Fashion Craft 4
    11 Survey 36
    12 Dissertation 20
  • Major Equipment:

    S. No. Particulars Quantity
    1 Bursting Strength Machine 1
    2 Button Binding Machine 2
    3 Computers 2
    4 Display Screen 2
    5 Drafting & Cutting Tables 8
    6 Dress Form 20
    7 Heat Blower 1
    8 Ironing Table 2
    9 Laptop 1
    10 LCD 1
    11 Microscopes 6
    12 Mixer Grinder 1
    13 OHP 2
    14 Oven 1
    15 Physical balance 4
    16 Table Looms 5
    17 Tearing Strength Tester 1
    18 Tensile Strength Tester 1
    19 Tracing Table 3
    20 Ultra Violet Lamp 1
    21 Usha Sewing Machine 9
    22 Usha Flair Machine 5
    23 Wonder Stitch Sewing Machine 10
    24 Perispometer 1
    25 Crock Meter 2
    26 Digital Twist Tester 1
    27 Yarn Crimp Tester 1
    28 Fabric Thickness Tester 2
    29 Fabric Crease Recovery Tester 2
    30 Fabric Drape Tester 2
    31 Colour Matching Cabinet 1
    32 Fabric Thickness Tester 1
    33 RSM with stand (sewing machine) 6
    34 Yarn Count Balance 1
    35 Fabric Stiffness Tester 1
    36 Digital Traverse Thread Counters 1
    37 GSM Weighing Scale 1
    38 Digital pH Meter 2
    39 Gray Scale 1
    40 Microwave 1
    41 Hand Blender 1
    42 Thermometer 1
    41 Sample Looms 4
    42 Handloom with Dobby Attachment 1
    43 Computerized embroidery machine 2
  • Courses

    • B.Sc. (Home Science)

      At UG level, the basic information about the subject Clothing & Textile is given to the students, in which they study about the process of making yarn, their qualities & interlacing process. They also study about the process of selection of fabric & various techniques of ornamenting them like dyeing, printing,uses of fibers, yarns. etc. They gain about Human perception and behaviour towards the textile products and global economic trends affecting the textile and apparel marketplace. They also gain both theoretical & practical knowledge about elements of art, principles of designing, traditional embroidery, etc. A project work related to the topic is also done by the students.

    • PG: M.Sc. (Home Science ) (Clothing & Textile)

      At PG level, To focus on the production distribution and consumer use of textiles and apprel.The detailed theoretical & practical knowledge of textile chemistry, fabric construction & woven fabric analysis, apparel design & advance apparel construction, textile testing & quality control, historic textile, fashion designing, research method, statistics & computer application, dyeing, printing, knitting technology, fashion retailing, social& psychological aspects of clothing, historic costume, history of textile, fashion marketing & merchandising, garment production technology, pattern making, grading, draping, etc. is given to the students. Dissertation work is done by the students of the departments on various topics  related to their subject. Internship is also done by the students during which the students gain training of work performed in industries.

  • Internship

    At UG level as well as PG level internship is conducted by the experts of our department.

    Students went for internship training to the industries who have signed with the various department to develop their skills in particular area. They also went to other printing & dyeing units , textile & garment industries, boutiques, training centers, etc. After completing their training program, they demonstrate their work through different presentation techniques.

  • Research Guide

  • Dr. Bhavana Sharma – 6 students are presently registered under her supervision.

    Research Activities

    Minor Research Project submitted by Dr. Bhavana Sharma, As Co-Investigator (in collaboration with Department of Chemistry) - “A comparative study of the properties of polyester blended finished suiting fabrics.”
    Minor Research Project submitted by Dr. Bhavana Sharma, As Principal Investigator – “A Comparative study of the basic and fancy weaves to diversify into Technical Textiles”

  • Curriculum

    Our syllabus is approved by the board of studies, & its timely up gradation is always followed.

  • Advanced Features:

  1. Training of Reach peace Textile & Fashion Design System Software.
  2. MOU Signed with various textile industries like Sakshi Textiles, Burhanpur, Avani textiles, Burhanpur & Sourabh textiles, Indore.
  • Activity Groups


    • Educational and skill oriented activities clotex the regular feature of our department to display the dresses designed by the students on the ramp every year approximate 10 to 12 rounds.
    • Stdutens engage in a variety of activities such as major field industrial visits, internship at related fields, curriculum based exhibitions and fashion shows seminars are also held several times. Department also provides full support for workshops, training prgramme and personality development.
    • Teaching: Teaching with the help of various techniques like Classroom Teaching, Discussion, Demonstration and Assignment, Computer assisted presentation, Industrial visit & visit to various exhibitions & museums, Practical Drawing Practices, Various audio-visual aids, Practical work & exercises, Case Studies, Guidance through various mentors.
    • Research: Under research activities, the dissertation work of P.G. classes in various fields like textile chemistry, textile designing, garment manufacturing, etc.
    • Extension: Organizing extension & community work in N.S.S. Camps in various rural areas to motivate rural women for self-employment.
    • Guidance and Counselling: Guiding students in field of getting further higher trainings, good jobs & being a good entrepreneur.
    • Training: P.G. Students were provided training in various textile & clothing related fields in various institutes/organizations.
    • Event Management: Organization of various handicraft exhibitions.
    • Cultural and literary activities: Extra-curricular activities for all round personality development of students under the departmental students club named “SRAJAN”.
    • Research Project: 2 Minor research project is submittted with the collaboration of Chemistry department and department of Clothing & Textile
    • Workshop & Guest Lectures : Various workshops & guest lectures were organized based on textile designing, textile chemistry, dress & jewellery designing, also on other topics which are not in course curriculum but important for developing skills in students.
    • Activities under discipline “Earn While You Learn”: Exhibition Cum Sale of various hand made articles like Designer Diya, Greetings, Envelops, Bed sheets, Salwar-Kameez, Bags, etc.
    • Student Exchange Program: Under this the faculties & students of Women’s Polytechnic College & Nutan College, Bhopal attended our Workshop on Operation & Maintenance of Textile Testing Equipments and Demonstration of Fashion Designing Software.

    List of carriers in Textile and Apparel Industry

    • Textile laboratory Technician
    • Textile research scientist
    • Machine operator
    • Production Supervisor
    • Quality control inspector
    • Production Manager
    • Asstt. Production Manager
    • Market Analyst
    • Textile Advertising and promotion agent
    • Textile sales manager
    • Public relations agent
    • Business Planner
    • Fashion or Apparel Designer
    • Asstt. designer
    • Sample Maker
    • Sketcher
    • Pattern Maker
    • Pattern Grader
    • Training Supervisor
    • Floor in charge
    • Production officer
    • Apparel Merchandiser
    • Retail buyer
    • Excecutive trainee
  • Departmental Club Activities:

    The departmental club named “SRAJAN CLUB”(l`tu Dyc ) organizes various activities like embroidery competition, class decoration, designing & display of evening gown, guest lectures, various innovative & creative workshops, karate demonstration etc,. every month.

    Departmental Magazine:

    Yearly departmental magazine “PARIDHAN” is being published since last five  years with the contribution of departmental students, staff & various persons from different institutions.

    Excursion / Industrial Visit / Educational Tours:

    Students are taken to various textile & garment industries.

Activities of the Department


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