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Department Of Physics

Physics is the branch of science dealing with the inanimate world and its natural phenomena.

Physics motivates individuals to learn more about the world & is the systematic investigation of the physical world around us to discover the laws of universe. Physics has very wide scope in research and technology.

The Department of Physics was established in the year 1958. It is enriched with highly qualified faculty members. They use modern techniques and methods of teaching and attend various refresher courses, seminars, and workshops in order to be abreast with recent trends in Physics. Department also organizes workshops, seminars and project work to develop interest and enhance the knowledge of students in different fields of Physics.

The changing social needs and development of new technologies have opened up new communication services leading to automation in industries and offices. The spectacular developments in Electronics, digital Electronics, Computers, Switching Devices, Power Electronics and Communication system are responsible for this resolution facilitating universal Connectivity.

Thus to provide students a sound understanding of existing Electronics theory and Computer Devices undergraduate courses in Electronics and Computer Maintenance are run by the Department.

  • Chronological Development

    Year of establishment-

    • UG Physics 1958 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
    • PG Physics
      • 1982 with Specialization in
        1. Electronics and Radio Engineering.
        2. Solid State Physics
      • 1993 with Specialization in
        1. Electronics and Radio Engineering.
        2. Digital Electronics
      • 2008 with specialization in
        1. Digital Electronics
  • Heads of the Department in Chronological order

    S.No. Name of H.O.D. Year
    1 Mr. V.D.Khurana 1958 to 1960
    2 Dr. R.N. Tripathi 1960 to Nov.1963
    3 Miss S. Sakku Nov. 1963 to Aug.1965
    4 Dr. A.K.Bhattachry Aug.1965 to July 1968
    5 Dr. S.C. Dutt Aug. 1968 to Sep. 1969
    6 Dr. N.S. Wadehra Sep. 1969 to Oct. 1973
    7 Dr. R.K.Rastogi Oct.1973 to Aug.1984
    8 Dr. N.S.Wadehra Aug. 1984 to July 1986
    9 Mr. N.K.Shukla Aug. 1986 to July 1987
    10 Dr.R.N.Shrivastava Nov. 1987 to Nov. 1989
    11 Dr. A.K.Verma Nov. 1989 to May. 2003
    12 Miss V.Acharya May 2003 to April 2004
    13 Mrs. T. Pandey April 2004 to Nov. 2005
    14 Dr. Mrs. I.Vaidya Nov. 2005 to July 2007
    15 Mrs. K.Makkarh July 2007 – May 2010
    16 Dr. Rahul Mehta May 2010 – July 2012
    17 Dr. K. Makkarh July 2012 – Dec. 2014
    18 Dr. S. G. Johri JDec. 2014 – till date
    Conventional courses

    • B.Sc. – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
    • M.Sc. – Physics
    Under self finance scheme
    • B.Sc. - Physics, Electronics, Mathematics 1991
    • B.Sc. – Mathematics , Physics, Computer Maintenance 2004
    The curriculum is
    • Recommended by Central Board of Studies and approved by HE the Governor of M.P
    • Board of studies of the Department



    1. Physics Laboratory In Physics the Laboratories play a very significant role for understanding of the fundamentals. Department has separate Laboratory for Optics , Mechanics and Laser . These Laboratories are spacious and well equipped with high precision measuring instruments. New instruments are added regularly as per the requirement.

    2. Electronics Laboratory To impart the practical knowledge and better understanding of Electronics, two well-equipped electronics laboratories are established.

    3. Computer Lab Looking at the modern trends of development and broad base requirements separate computer and microprocessor laboratories are established for training in the area of software and hardware.

      No. of Computers 16
      Printers 04
      Scanner 02
      Laptop 01

    The Physics Department houses a library with ~ 1700 text and reference books to meet the requirements of students and teachers. Physics Department also subscribes various magazines, journals, and technical periodicals to acquaint the students with latest developments in the subjects. Journal and magazines are:

    • Journals

      • Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy
      • PRAMANA
      • IAPT Bulletin - Monthly Journal of Education in Physics and Related Areas
      • Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics NISCAIR
      • Journal of Science Education - Resonance
    • Magazine

      • Scientific American

    • Hall effect
    • Optical Fibers and Laser sources.
    • Zeeman effect apparatus
    • Michelson’s Interferrometer
    • Solar cell
    • Febry Perot Etalon
    • Millicans Oil Drop experiment
    • Laser Assembly a. Helium Neon Laser b. Semi conductor Laser
    • Fibre Optics
    • ESR Study Instrument
    • Lattice Dynamic Kit
    • Electric Polarization of Ferroelectric Crystal
    • Dielectric Constant Measurement.
    • e/m by Thomsons Method.
    • Babinet Compensator
    • Spectrometer with high resolution.
    • CRO’S single trace and dual trace
    • Power scope
    • Micro Processors 8085, 8086.
    • Equipment based on basic, communication, Power electronics and Digital electronics :

    To promote better understanding & interest in the subject latest teaching aids like OHP LCD Projector & Laptops are used by the faculty.


    1. Project Work
    2. Extension Activity
    3. Electronics Workshop
    4. CM Computer Maintenance on Job training
    5. Seminars
    6. Lecture series
    7. Academic visit
    8. Physics Society
    9. Linkage : Science College, MPSEB, BSNL

ETB designing workshop

Participation in Projects

Community Work : Visit to Narsing Ward


Lecture Series

Dr. Boris Epel University of Chicago Dec 2008


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Physics Magazine

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