Government M. H. College of Home Science & Science for Women, Autonomous, Jabalpur, M. P.
NAAC Reaccreditated 2012 : A grade CGPA - 3.41

Water Harvesting


"Water is the driver of Nature."- Leonardo da Vinci

"When the wells dry, we know the worth of water." - Benjamin Franklin

To conserver water the college has designed water harvesting system which recharges ground water by collecting rain water from every nook & corner through structured network of pipes. The water harvesting system was laid by Public Works Department M P with 50% financial support from collectorate i.e. Janbhagidari Samiti district Jabalpur.

Fifteen soak pits have been constructed for the purpose as per the layout.

Location of Soak Pits.

Roof Water Harvesting

Section of Soak Pits.

Govt. M. H. College of Home Science and Science for Women Autonomous Jabalpur