Government M. H. College of Home Science & Science for Women, Autonomous, Jabalpur, M. P.
NAAC Reaccredited 2019 : B+ grade 

UGC Funding


UGC Funding to College XI Plan 2007 - 2012
The college is receiving the grant in the following schemes of UGC

  1. Autonomous Grant
  2. General Development Grant
  3. "College with Potential for Excellence"
  4. "Grant in Aid"

  • Undergraduate Assistance for
    • Books
    • Equipment
    • Maintenance of Equipment
    • Enhancement of initiative for Competence Building
  • Post Graduate Assistance
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Department of Food & Nutrition
    • Department of Zoology
  1. Additional Grant / Schemes merged with Development Grant
    • Common room, toilet facilities for women
    • Enhancement of initiative for capacity Building in colleges
    • Establishment of UGC - Network Resource Centre
    • Remedial Coaching for SC/ ST / OBC
    • Coaching for NET / SLET for SC/ST/OBC
    • Coaching for Entry in Services for SC/ST/OBC
    • Financial Assistance to Visually Challenged Teacher
    • Career Counseling Cell
  2. Construction of Women's Hostel
  3. Basic Scientific Research
  4. Seminar / Workshops
  5. Minor Research Project
  6. Faculty Improvement Programme
Govt. M. H. College of Home Science and Science for Women Autonomous Jabalpur