Government M. H. College of Home Science & Science for Women, Autonomous, Jabalpur, M. P.
NAAC Reaccredited 2019 : B+ grade 

Parent Department: Physics

The Changing social needs and development of new technologies have opened up new communication services leading to automation in industries and offices. Thus to provide students a sound understanding of existing Electronics theory and Computer Devices undergraduate courses in Electronics is run by the Department of Physics. The following courses are run by the department.

  • UG Physics, Electronics, Mathematics 1991
  • UG Electronics, Computer Maintenance, Mathematics 2006


Basics of Semiconductors & devices
Electronic Component & Circuits
Number System
Application of Transistors
Digital Electronics
Microprocessor & Personal Computer
Operational Amplifier
Power Devices & IC Technology
Advanced Microprocessor Liquid Crystal Display & Electrical Motors Internship in V Semester.
Communication Electronics



  • In order to enhance the knowledge and better understanding of Electronics, well equipped electronics lab is run by the department. There are two laboratories having CRO, Function Generators, Electronic Training Boards based on Basic Electronics, Communication Electronics, Power Electronics, OP-AMPS.
  • Good library facility.

Visits / Workshops on:

Visit to BSNL, TV Studio , All India Radio , Telecom Training Centre Designing and fabrication of Circuits & Equipment

Job Opportunities

  • The Graduates can opt for master’s degree in Electronics or Instrumentation Technology. After completion of M Sc the student acquires skills in designing, development, analysis, & application of various types of instruments. Thus they have lots of Employment opportunities in process industries, thermal/biomass, cement, paper & pulp, iron & steel, refineries, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals.
  • As Graduate Trainees/Sales Executives/Sales Representatives in Electronics Industries.
Govt. M. H. College of Home Science and Science for Women Autonomous Jabalpur