Government M. H. College of Home Science & Science for Women, Autonomous, Jabalpur, M. P.
NAAC Reaccredited 2019 : B+ grade 

Semester System


The College has adopted the Semester pattern of Examination at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The progress of the students is continuously monitored through Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation. The awareness regarding the present job opportunities related to the subjects offered is created in students, through compulsory job oriented Project Work.


At the undergraduate level the curriculum is for three years.

At the postgraduate level the curriculum is for two years.

Each year is divided into two semesters.

The duration of the semester is 15 weeks with six working days per week i.e. ninety working days.

  • A candidate is required to complete the entire course of undergraduate degree within a maximum period of 5 years and postgraduate degree within a maximum period of 3 years from the session of first admission, necessarily.
  • Each student will have to pass in the examination of theory, practical and CCE/Internal assessment / project work necessarily.

ODD Semester: I , III , V from July to December .

EVEN Semester: II, IV , VI from January to June.

CONTINUOUS COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION Continuous comprehensive evaluation consists of two tests per subject in each semester, on the dates notified in the College Calendar. Modes The college has adopted various modes for continuous assessment (of students) identified by Department of Higher Education M P.

The modes are :

  1. Group-Discussion
  2. Class-Teaching
  3. Assignment and Its Presentation
  4. Library reading and survey work.
  5. Preparation of Poster / Chart / Model
  6. Role Play
  7. Semi-Surprise Class-Test
  8. Objective Questionnaire
  9. Report-Writing
  10. Individual/Group Mini-Project Work
  11. On submission of proceedings of the Seminar/Workshop/Special-Lecture as a participants /resource person
  12. Study of the work/biography of Scientist/Author/ Writer/Entrepreneur
  13. Performing any experiment of a subject by an innovative method
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