Government M. H. College of Home Science & Science for Women, Autonomous, Jabalpur, M. P.

Department Of Zoology

The Department of Zoology was established in July 1958. The built up area of the department is ~ 800 square meters. M.Sc. Zoology with two special papers was introduced in the year 1971 after a span of twelve years of undergraduate teaching. At present postgraduate degree is offered with two specializations, Wild Life, and Fisheries & Limnology. The department has dedicated team of eight teachers. Seven of the staff members are Ph.D. degree holders and one of them is registered for PhD degree.

Highlights The faculty members devote their time for research work, Major & Minor projects. Several research articles have been published / presented in various journals and conferences. One book for the UG Students has been published and another book is in the pipeline. Department is actively involved in organizing state & National level workshops. Few of these are

  • Madhya Kshetriya Vigyan Sammelan
  • Mushroom culture
  • “Basic trends in D.N.A. Technology”
  • “Instrumentation Techniques” .Recently

Heads of the Departments in chronological order:

1 Dr. Shakuntala Arora 28.12.59 to 04.11.71
2Shri R.L. MishraNov 71 to July 72
3Dr. Shakuntala Arora01.08.72 to 15.05.85
4Prof. Kanika Samaddar16.05.85 to 15.07.93
5 Dr. D.C. Yadav 16.07.83 to 31.10.93
6Dr. Era Pathak1.11.93 to 1.07.94
7Dr. Chandra Kanta Narang2.7.94 to 30.9.01
8 Dr. Era Pathak 1.10.01 to 4.12.01
9Dr. Shubha Ghosh5.12.01 to 30.6.02
10Dr. Era Pathak1.7.02 to 31.10.03
11Dr. Shubha Ghosh1.11.03 to 30.9.05
12 Smt Meenakshi Thosar 1.10.05 to 12.1.07
13 Dr. Suneeta Shrivastava 2007-2016
13 Dr. Shampa Jain Dec 2016- July 2017
13 Dr. S.B. Shrivastava July 2017- August 2017
13 Dr. Krishana Pateriya Sep 2017-till date


  • Well equipped Laboratories 02
  • Post graduate Laboratories 02
  • Well equipped instrumentation lab 01
  • Museum
  • Specimens of various Invertebrates and Vertebrates 600
  • Research laboratory for Ph.D. students
  • P.G. Library- The library is housed with approximately 2500 text and reference books.
  • Five Journals are subscribed by the department.
    • Journal of Genetics
    • Journal of Environmental Science & Engineering
    • Journal of Biotechnology
    • Fishing Chimes
    • Current Science


Department has many instruments used by the students during their practical period. All instruments are well maintained. List is given below--

  • Laminar Air flow
  • Rotating Microtome
  • Binocular Research microscope
  • Trinoculor Research microscope
    with micro photographic camera
  • Thermostatic oven
  • Colony Counter
  • Soil & Water Analysis Kit
  • Microscope with camera
  • Slide Projector
  • LCD
  • Laptop
  • Hot Plate
  • Water Bath
  • Electrophoresis Equipment
  • BOD Incubator
  • Dissecting Micro Scope
  • Centrifuge
  • Autoclave
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Physical Balance
  • Phase Contrast Microscope
  • Knife Sharpener
  • Colorimeter
  • pH Meter
  • Microwave
  • Digital Balance
  • Oven
  • Incubator

B Sc Degree

Courses Combinations with Zoology at Undergraduate Level

  • Chemistry Botany Zoology
  • Chemistry Biotechnology, Zoology
  • Chemistry , Biochemistry, Zoology
  • Chemistry Clinical Nutrition, Zoology
  • Chemistry Microbiology Zoology
  • Chemistry clinical Nutrition Zoology

M Sc Zoology with the following two elective papers

  1. Fisheries and Limnology
  2. Wild Life.

The curriculum of Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses is

  1. Recommended by Central Board of Studies and approved by HE the Governor of M.P
  2. Approved by “Board of studies” of Zoology


Biotechnology was started at under graduate level, in the year 2002-03 with the financial assistance from UGC, under the scheme of vocational courses.

Infrastructure for Biotechnology

  • Well equipped laboratories 02
  • Library with ~ 800 Books
  • Journal of Biotechnology
  • Tissue Culture room


  • Spectrophotometer
  • Phase Contrast Microscope
  • Laminar Air Flow
  • Centrifuge
  • Distillation Plant
  • Gel Rocker
  • U.V. Illuminator
  • Horizontal And Vertical Gel Electrophoresis
  • Autoclave
  • Chemical & Glassware
  • Two months Internship is the integral part of Curriculum

Research activity



Departmental magazine with informative articles is published yearly since 2018.


  • Zooworld – 2012- Dr. (Mrs.) S. Kesharwani
  • Zooworld – 2013- Dr. Reeta Solanki
  • Zooworld – 2014- Dr. (Mrs.) H. Maini
  • Zooworld – 2015 - Dr. Reeta Solanki
  • Zooworld – 2016 - Dr. (Mrs.) H. Maini
  • Zooworld – 2017- Dr. (Mrs.) S. Kesharwani
  • Zooworld – 2018 - Dr. (Mrs.) H. Maini
  • Zooworld – 2019 - Dr. Shampa Jain

Papers Published

  • Every year Faculty members publish their research work in National & International Journals. Major Research Project, sponsored by MPCST Bhopal is completed successfully
  • The faculty members guide students for their PhD Degree so far four candidates have been awarded Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. Shashi Bala Shrivastava & one candidate has been awarded PhD under the guidance of Dr. Krishna Pateria .
  • Registered Guide for Ph.D : 06
  • Six faculty members registered as guide in RDVV Jabalpur.
  • 10 Students have been awarded Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. (Mrs.) Shashi Bala Shrivastava & seven students are presently registered under her supervision .
  • One candidate awarded Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. (Mrs.) Krishna Pateria.
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Reeta Solanki Two students are presently registered under her supervision .
  • Dr. Sadhana Kesharwani – One student is presently registered under her supervision and Two students have been awarded Ph.D. under the supervision . One Student Submitted thesis in Feb.2018
  • Dr. Shampa Jain- Four students have been awarded Ph.D. under the supervision. Three students are presently registered under her supervision .
  • Dr. H. Maini – NIL
  • On going projects : 02
  • Completed Projects : 01

Work Shop

  • One work shop on Aquarium maintenance was organized for students of B Sc III Semester students in January 2010.
  • Training Programme for snakes & wild life conservation on 13/10/2010
  • Workshop on some by Bio-Techniques 20-21 Dec 2011.

Activity Groups:

Dr. Suneeta Shrivastava :

  • Editor Journal "Anusandhan".
  • Member Board of Studies RDVV Jabalpur
  • Chairperson Animal Ethical Committee RDVV Jabalpur
  • Member Moderation Committee RDVV Jabalpur

Dr. Shashi Bala Srivastava is Incharge of Cultural Activities and Yuva Utsav.

Dr. Krishna Pateria is Working as NSS Programme officer.

Community work: awareness regarding vermicompost. , hygiene and sanitation is created among people living in villages & slum areas by faculty & students of M Sc.

Magazine: Since 2006 the Departmental is publishing magazine “Zoo World”

  • “Salim Ali Club“ organizes lectures by Eminent Professors , Exhibitions & educational visits.
  • Excursion and Tours
  • Scientific Rangoli & Poster Competition for Students.
  • The Department organizes educational Tour / Excursion for PG Students every year.
  • Visit to Kanha National Park 2009-10
  • Education Visit of Shailparn Uddyan for study of Ecology.
  • Visit to MAWE
  • Visit to Fish JNKVV Jabalpur
  • Visit to Dept. of Food & Technology JNKVV Jabalpur
  • Visit to Geological Survey of India

Gold Medal

Gold Medal for obtaining Highest marks in M.Sc. Zoology is sponsored by Dr. Shashi Bala Srivastava.



Faculty with Students

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